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YMBX aka Xenolali[a] 

nthelmo Hernandez is the musical creator behind the psytrance proyect of yuum boox / YMBX.
It comes from a Mayan word game name
YUM KAAX one of 13 Mayan gods , referring to the dark lord or lord of the woods , forests and crops.

From Guerrero Mexico, YMBX has been driven by music his whole life, at an early age he playing cpu synths on small rock bands, and when the party over, as a dj on small underground events on his town, ranging from Punk, Rock, Metal, Alternative to Jazz, experimental and ethnic sounds. YMBX has been perfecting his music and production skills everyday practicing and listen all kind of music generes and natural sounds from landscapes, the sea and the underground space and time spots, for all the mexican territory.
His musical journey eventually, led him to the City. There he started the university and musical production and classes with the best senseis and bros ever, now YMBX still make some dark psytrance textures from outter parallele spaces...


- is the total word to define my music from the heart deep feeling, means the natural knowledge of knowing all kinds of languages, written, numerical and sonorous, called Conocimiento Silencioso.

YMBX aka Xenolali[a]
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