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Quantum Funnel / Tremor

Svyatoslav was born in 1989 in Russia in Leningrad. Since childhood he gave a special preference to music and wanted to become a musician.

He tried to learn drums at school but for lack of opportunity he got to start by playing the guitar first.

He got the opportunity to sit behind the drums later on and joined a different metal bands.


In 2008, he got introduced by a friend to psychedelic trance and after 2years he had a chance to visit  psychedelic festival Systo 2010, got hooked to the psytrance vibes since.

2011 was the year when he strated writing music and come up with his first project "psYphomet" and released 2 great Ep's and couple of tracks in different compilation.

Taking it to an other level now, 
Svyatoslav main focus is on his 2 new projects.

Please stay tuned!

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