Tremor aka. psYphomet

Svyatoslav psYphomet was born in 1989 in Russia in Leningrad. Since childhood he gave a special preference to music and wanted to be a musician. At the school wanted to play drums, but for lack of opportunity began to learn playing the guitar. When he finished the school, he got the opportunity to sit behind the drums. Later begins to play in different bands of metal style, such as black metal, progressive deathcore, grindcore and jamed with friends playing psychedelic rock, what doing to this day.

In 2008, friend opened him a new psychedelic world and in 2010 psYphomet visited psychedelic festival Systo, then realized that this is what that he needs and started to attend such events regularly.
In 2011, as a musician, it became interesting to try himself in the role of Dj and try to write psy trance. In 2013 came in the promo group Genetic Lab., where involved in the role of organizer and decorator scenes.