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The Extraterrestrielves

Across the vast epochs of history, humanity has repeatedly described contact experiences with discarnate ‘others’. Entire pantheons have been cultivated from these experiences, which have been filtered through the cultural and mythological lens of their time to take on a myriad of forms: Aliens, faeries, ghosts, elves, angels, demons and spirits; all ethereal entities whose otherworldly language seeps through the cracks of collective consciousness, made further permeable through the invocation of ancient rituals.
We know the human experience occurs on a limited spectrum. Our senses perceive only a fraction of the bandwidth of reality. It is from this ontological perspective of reaching out for contact at the bounds of our sonic field of perception that the psychedelic trance project: The Extraterrestrielves, was born. Manifested through Oklahoma-based producer Jordan Zabel (moondoggy), The Extraterrestrielves weaves layers of experimental synthesis over pulsating, meditative vibrations, utilizing the finely honed altar of the trancedance ritual to open a dialogue with extrasensory sentience.

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