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Born in Brazil Danilo aka Nocturne started listening to psytrance when he was just 11 years old when "Artcore" album from Astrix was released.
Some years later after a non stoppable listening to psytrance he learned guitar, cavaquinho and some others percussion instruments to better comprehend music in general.
Danilo felt really impressed when first saw a dj setup with 16 years old then started learning how to control the decks and with 18 went to Ireland where he played at some parties and had the pleasure to know some great artists. 
Back to Brazil Danilo was one of the creators and menagers of MdayCrew a Crew who has been doing underground psytrance parties for almost 2 years. In early 2016 after getting some knowledge started producing his own tracks seeking for psychedelic/organic/natural elements. 
Nocturne with a 150 - 160 bpm range brings to the dancefloor a totally different mix of feelings. Prepare your brain!

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