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Nasgul aka Alien Hardware

Here comes the introduction of a hungarian psychedelic artist and organiser; Nasgul aka Alien Hardware

He has been loving music since he knows his mind. He had a long journey started with classical heavy metal touched many kinds of rock music than met up electronica and many kind of breaks.
Those days he started performing as a drum and bass dj..
The biggest influence that made him produce his own music was dark psychedelic trance!

Nasgul met darkpsy in 2007 through KinDzaDza and Silent Horror and after a long year getting influence he started to create his own ideas!
He likes everything in the style but prefers to start a set from the deep dark woods than go higher and higher to outerspace high-tech madness. 
He represents this point of view in two different project as well.
Nasgul stands for slower deeper and nature influenced style.
Alien Hardware is for fullpower spaceblasting psychedelica on high bpm. Both projects includes many other influences from hardcore drumandbass, japanese classical music or tribal sounds from the ancient times..
He wants to build up complex sonority on his powerful basslines.

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