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Metl aka Jair Valle was born in the South of beautiful Mexico city, a place where the music brings joy to the soul.

Naturally, he had this passion for music since he was a child, then he had his first psychedelic experience at about eighteen years old. He remembers that everything was bright, everything breathe, everything was rhythm. He felt hypnotized by the drums. There was no word, just movement and he was in sync with the sound. He looked around and saw his friend enjoying it like him, in that moment he knew I had to find something that would change his life.

Jair started going to underground parties in his area where he could different kinds of music: Techno, Drum and Bass, House, Progressive, Trance, etc... and little by little he was getting having pleasure with the Psychedelic Music.

In 2011, Jair chose his alter ego Metl that means "Maguey" in Spanish, which is an agave plant. At first he just played a dj set in local parties with international artists to get some fans. Then he decided to go to the next step and began to produce his own music.

Metl have found a chance express himself with a different approach which in that sense his music is the expression of his soul. The sounds... they give us surprises, happiness and sadness. They are like words, they can make tales and they allow to tell Metl's story in a better way. We're on the way.

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