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Enichkin - The Test (D-A-R-K REC.)
Enichkin - A particle of Infinity (5th Element REC.)
Enichkin - In memory of Love.. (Avatar REC.)
Enichkin - Guide to musical dimensions of Space and Time (Acidsamovar REC.)
Enichkin - Krakoziabry (Mind Expansion Music)
Enichkin - The Ride (Mind Expansion Music)

V/A Twisted Flavors (D-A-R-K REC.) 2006
V/A Distinctions (Import Exploit REC.) 2007
V/A Shiva vs Kali (Sonic Tantra REC.) 2007
V/A Sick Compilation (Acidsamovar REC.) 2007
V/A A Chain Of Mind (Triplag Music) 2009
V/A Kali Yuga mixed by Goa Gil (Avatar REC.) 2009
V/A Speedmasterz (Rockdenashi Productionz REC.) 2009
V/A Organic Splitter (Apuruami REC.) 2010
V/A The Riddle Of Petra (Avatar REC.) 2010
V/A Beyond Atom (Quantum Frog Productions) 2011
V/A Exploration Of Space and Time (Dimensional REC.) 2011
V/A Shri Maharaj mixed by Goa Gil (Avatar REC.) 2011
V/A Infinity Keepers 2 - Depth Perception (Moon Koradji REC.) 2012
V/A Tekkin 10 Anniversary 2012 (Tekkin' Over REC.) 2012
V/A Irregular Intervals (Jellyfish Frequency REC.) 2013
V/A What is life? Life is life DoubleCD (Lycantrop REC.) 2013
V/A LickNDrop DoubleCD (Lycantrop REC.) 2014
V/A Music Baba (Avatar REC.) 2014

V/A Grimorium Verum (Unholy Spawn Of Evil REC.) 2006
V/A Terror From The Depths (Twins Of Evil REC.) 2006
V/A Shamanitus (Tripla Music) 2006
V/A Dark Noizez (Sonic Tantra REC.) 2006
V/A Voice Of Sauron (Ultiva REC.) 2007
V/A Shamanic Icaros - Volume One (Shamanicaros REC.) 2008
V/A Rest In Pieces (Sonic Tantra REC.) 2009
V/A Inter Venom (Blind Noise REC.) 2009
V/A 13th Kingdom (ManiacPsychoPro REC.) 2011
V/A 13 Riders Of Omen (Mystical Flashback REC.) 2013
V/A Art Of Balance (Trimurti REC.) 2013
V/A Moebius Chambers compiled by Konvndrvm (Jellyfish Frequency REC.) 2013
VA - MAHASATI (Moving With Awareness) (Samana REC.) 2014

Other projects by Sergey Nazarenko:
Cognitive Dysfunction, Supernatural, Limpopo, Azbukivedi

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