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The Bigbacterials project was founded in 2000. The members are:Big from Israel he 
Zalman Megralsvhili come from Nahariya, and janay Szabi from Hungary he come from Szeged.
When they first met they started to play together as Dj..s at various Goa Trance parties for crowds numbering from a couple of hundreds to twelve hundred people. Then they decided to build a studio and started making their own tracks. They were invited to play in nearby countries like: Hungary, Czech Republic-Mystical Ritual,Slovakia, Serbia, Israel,Romania- Transylvania Calling 2009 Mars and Pluto...
For the past years they have been mainly performing their own music in live acts and netlabel cosmic flower rec.
Recently they have been working with three vocalists: Andras, Szilvi and Evrim, who is a turkish Saz player, and a guitar and derbuka player named Fuge on several Ambient/ Etno-Electro -Punk/breakbeat-ish tracks. Bigbacterials have more project in 2004 started with Lucid SounD have joined forces and created a special project, called OutOfSync. Under that name they have produced some kind of a psychedelic techno.
They try to be flexible in their approach to music making,and they enjoy experimenting with the the infinitely various sounds and beats that come out of their unique combination of rare machine-instruments.
Enjoy! May this music uplift your spirit when time comes!
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bigbacterials studio; macbook macbook pro powerbook g4 titanium; motu 828 soundcard genelec studio monitor machines: nord g2 Nord MicroModular, Waldorf Micro Q, Roland Alfa Juno 1, Bohm Dynamic 4x8, Moog Rouge drum machines: Roland TR-606 Roland TR-707, Tama Techstar Tam 500 Sampler: 2 EMU 5000 Ultra Recording: Soundcraft Spirit Studio Mixer, Lexicon MPX-500 effekt, TCElectronics M-ONE XL, Focusrite Compounder Compress
Sounds Like:
darktrance, psytrance, ethnoelektro, Progressive, techtrance, breakbeats, chill, full tracks on enjoy
Record Label:

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