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Born in a small town in Zvenigorod, Moscow region.

Even from an early age began to listen to the radio station 106.8 fm and get involved in electronic music .
At the time it all started with an overheard broadcast Dj Diggera and Panka MC that one of the first to promote a Hard Core field in Russia.
In 2000 he began to visit the Hard Core of the event .
In 2002 I first heard Dj Inkognita at the station 107.0 fm live . 
Its the sound of Goa Trance was something really new for Ivan, and without hesitation he attended the first party in club Cosmoport .
Having felt the vibe and energy was often attend events at the club Cosmoport and various forest open airy and festivals .
In 2005 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he began a new movement in this direction.
After attending events clearly understood that wants to promote this trend with its style and design .
And there was a promo group Genetic Lab.
In mid-2010 Ivan began to develop the project Apaktozys as a dj project with their tracks.
At the End of 2011 joins the project Constantine (Phonopsia). After years of hard work, the project Apaktozys were invited to Moscow and other Russian cities.
At the moment the project Apaktozys is Ivan.

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