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K-nay was born in the hip hop culture from the 90's, he handles the microphone through some stage, big fan of Jamaican music, leaving the rap for turning to the raggamuffin style in various sound sytem. in 1999 he fell in love with the jungle and drum'n'bass. over the evening he met with some dj and goes for 2 years to host with his ragga flow at parties, in 2002 he discovered the world of machinery such as the legendary roland 505 groovebox, the akai mpc etc. .. at the same time it comes out to party in the wide world of electronic 2007 he built his first computer and began to play for the first time on a music production software, test it to create instrumental hip hop, trip-hop, drum'n'bass, electro minimal etc ... until the psytrance. in 2009 he began to listen more seriously and understand how to build this music and eventually begins delirium as al-arash name.his main project is a sound of galloping from 148 to 153 bpm filled with all the influence of music he likes, his second project is in the 175 bpm, in the music style call'd hi-tech. he lives for music, no purpose, just do it, share it and especially love seeing people traveling and trippin on his music in danceflor.

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